what we do

Facilitating your future, and your success.

A Fully Scalable Solution.

Whether your company has 5 employees, or 500, steady growth and continuity is the key to financial stability. Pathyon can help your company grow by providing you with a fully integrated back office solution scaled to meet your business needs. Your Pathyon team is made up of a group of highly trained financial professionals, all of whom are dedicated to building your profits and securing your future.

Streamlined Service Means Continuity and Convenience.

Pathyon's unique business model means you get the expertise and skills of seasoned CPAs, with actual experience supporting business owners at high levels. You'll have access to a single contact who will handle your account, backed by an entire team of professionals and accountants all working to make sure your company is headed in the right direction.

Tax Strategies & Solutions.

Pathyon accounting clients receive the benefits of our staff's up-to-the-minute knowledge of our ever-changing tax and compliance laws, and when the time comes to grow, our fully scalable solutions mean you'll get to keep the same team, no matter how big your company gets. At Pathyon, we integrate tax strategies within the body of the back-office solution, and we encourage our clients to take advantage of an independent eye to provide tax support and guidance. We separate tax support and financial management support, so you know that the overall strategy is the best path possible.

Business Intelligence for Intelligent Business.

Information is vital to the running of any business, and when it comes to planning your company's financial future, nothing is more important. Pathyon's professionals have years of experience with companies of every sized and in every field. Our advisors will sit with you and go over your goals to help you decide not only on the feasibility of your existing plans, but to create new ones if necessary, and to help you develop an exit strategy that will give you the confidence you want going forward.