Our business revolves around the success of your business.

At Pathyon, we're not like other accounting firms. We've spent years developing what we feel is the absolute best accounting solution for you, and your business, in order to help you to bridge the gap between your business, and your financial success. When you work with us, you'll get the benefit of a full time, fully staffed, accounting office, scaled to meet your businesses needs.

Pathyon Total Solution Provides an all-inclusive accounting package, capable of handling any, and all of your business accounting needs, no matter what your size, or how much you grow. Our ability to scale means we work around you, and not the other way around, leading to a more satisfying, and profitable experience for your company, and your future.

Our Mission

At Pathyon, we are dedicated to support businesses of all sizes, with the utmost attention to your financial success. By providing clarity for your business, we illuminate your path to success.

Our Philosophy

If the average person were to ask themselves what their mission in life was, would they know? We are in a life-long pursuit of meaning. A period where life change is unavoidable. Pathyon's philosophy was developed to allow people to develop their life meaning doing exactly what they have passion for. If everyone did what they do best rather than what they have to do, our existence would be a much happier thought. Pathyon's philosophy creates an opportunity to match passion and skills to what our members are suited for. We provide a forum for our members to unite in the pursuit of meaning. "Where Great People Help Great People".